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A "visual supplement" for mind relaxation and sleep induction
The application Sleeping Mind Relaxation brings and restores peace of mind with never-seen-before beautiful video images as well as various
soothing sounds of nature such as waves, wind, rain and water, embodying the ultimate in healing and therapy.
After a tiring day, in a gloomy mood, or when you are with insomnia or a "woolly-headed" feelings, Sleeping Mind Relaxation will reestablish
your inner peace, renewing yourself in body and spirit, releasing you from daily stresses and bringing about a restful sleep.

If you carry around Sleeping Mind Relaxation with you, it will heal your mind and heart with relaxing images
and sounds, anytime and anywhere, just like a tablet supplement.

The Application Functions :
- Separate volume control for music/sound effects
- Timer function
- Loop playback
-YouTube playback
- Free choice of movie clips and automatic playback

The movie clip collection of the paid-for version will be updated according to the seasons and ongoing events.

Mix Box Pro is an app which creates your own suitable healing video mixing landscapes, nature sounds and music freely.
This app heals your brain as well as your mind no matter when or where.

The Application Functions :
-Timer setting
-Volume control of nature sounds and music
-Continuous playback of video and music
-Simultaneously playback of nature sounds
-Mixed playback of nature sounds and music
-Horizontal full-screen playback
-iTunes music playback
-YouTube playback

App Effect
-Promote good sleep
-Regulate autonomic function
-Improve concentration
-Stress release
-Prevent dissonances

Calm down, healing app "Seaview out of the window"

When you get tired of working or studying, put this healing app, Seaview out of the window at the corner of the desk and stare it vacantly.
Looking at the Seaview out of the window, you will feel better, calm down and become able to resume with your task.
This app, "Seaview out of the window" plays the image of the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sounds of the waves endlessly.
You can alternatively play your favourite music from iTunes.



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